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Glenn exceeded my expectations as a coach. He is an incredibly supportive and compassionate coach. He understands what is needed before I do. He makes sessions fun by being playful and authentic. In a short amount of time his sessions have profoundly impacted my personal and professional life as well as my relationship with my beloved. It's amazing how much difference gentle guidance can make.


This note is way overdue. I (we) would like to thank you for all of your help and support. How do you express “thanks” for saving a marriage? It seems too immense for a simple “thank you”, yet what else can we do? I guess one idea would be to live out the techniques you taught us and have a peaceful, loving relationship.

When the rector of our church first contacted you, Jimmy and I had been separated for a year. The legal separation/divorce papers had been written and signed, but we had not yet gone to court. I had already attended a DivoreCare course. Our marriage was basically over.

Jimmy wanted to try one more time. We had gone through marital counseling in the past, and I frankly was not very excited or interested in trying it again. I really don’t know why I agreed to work with you, but I am so thankful that I did. You gave us real hands-on, nuts-and-bolts skills to use for communication. We desperately needed these tools. Your program is such in intensive one and covers so many relational issues. Being able to call you in between sessions and talk out concerns as they arose was invaluable. After working with you for a few months, it seemed like our relationship just might have a chance after all.

As you know, Jimmy and I reconciled five months ago. We actually renewed our vows and went on a second honeymoon weekend get-away. I cannot say that our relationship is problem-free, but what relationship is? We definitely still have issues on which to continue working, but I can honestly say I am very happy that we did not go through with a divorce. We have a wonderful six year old son, who is thrilled to have his family back together. As long as we keep working hard, I am confident that we can have a healthy, even happy marriage.

Again, Jimmy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Have you ever noticed that when you come in contact with someone of light, or something of light that you come away with a new layer of serenity and centeredness? That’s what I went home with from your workshop, from listening to you and from words of your program.

Thank you , light and blessings,


Glenn and I have been working together for only one month now. At the time we first met, my marriage was at a complete loss, though I thought. I felt as if I was lost as well.

After a short time with Glenn, I realized that I had a lot to learn and gain from working with him regardless if wife and I were to ever get back together. I began the process of gaining my Conscious Awareness and finding my Peaceful Soul. This was huge for me. I was able to identify a number of areas that were constantly and subconsciously pulling me down. I was also able to become conscious of my thoughts and realize how damaging my thought process was to me. The awareness process enabled me to take responsibility for my past and future actions and allow me to put down the baggage I have been carrying that had predetermined my behavior for so many years. This was the most intense and freeing feeling, I have ever had.

When I was able to move on to finding my Peaceful Soul, I was scared to death to confront my thoughts. Where they originated, what affect they were having on my life and how I was going to deal with them. After going through the exercises, I soon realized that I was actually freeing myself from the contaminated thinking that had ruled my life forever.

In just 4 weeks working with Glenn, I have been able to pull my life together, really live in life everyday, and not have life live around me. Little does my wife know, but she has been affected by my new found focus on life and she and I are getting closer together every day. I attribute my progress in my relationship and my life to the workings of Christ and the help of Glenn. Glenn has always been there and I’m sure he will continue to be a part of my life for a long time.


“I have had the privilege of knowing Glenn for some 10 years – first through his father on the tennis court, and then sadly, through the untimely death of his brother. Glenn’s work is very dear to him. I think it will be of assistance to my fellow clergy who wish to assist persons struggling with marriage issues, but are lacking the time in our busy schedules to provide couple with proper tools.” 


Glenn Cohen is a talented coach who cares very deeply about people. He has a burning desire to help those around him. He has been a very valuable influence in my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who really wants to make a difference in their relationships and in advancing their careers


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