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This letter is to tell you about my experiences with Glenn Cohen and his workshops at I & WE Coaching.  I first met Glenn in 2006 when my wife and I signed up for his couple’s coaching.  Shortly after we were married, we hit the usual issues, and tried a number of counselors, which were all unsuccessful.  However Glenn was the one my wife and I both connected with.  I still use many of the techniques he taught us in my everyday life, as Glenn was different from all the others because he gives the tools needed to communicate in business and personal life.


In 2010, I decided to start my own biotech company, which took off more quickly than I could have imagined.  In October 2011, a large corporation acquired my company and we expanded the facility and personnel at exponential rates.  Shortly after our evolution, I began seeing the usual “growing pains” after expanding the number of employees and space by 400% in 1 month.   Being all laboratory employees, the culture tends to promote people who work well alone and now working inside a large corporation, they needed to adapt to working with others in this office and in the other offices around the country.  I remembered how much I got out of Glenn’s work, and called him to come in and provide some workshops for my team.


When I announced to the staff I was bringing someone in to help with team building, leadership, etc, I received the “usual” eye rolling and one person asked if they could skip the class because they were really busy.  However, once Glenn came in and began the workshops with everyone, we began seeing a huge change to all the employees’ attitudes.  In fact, ¾ of the employees asked to have additional one on one time with Glenn so help their personal growth.  I was so pleased with the feedback from 100% of my employees, I decided to pay for a number of hours for each employee to meet with Glenn 1-on-1, of which all but one employee took me up on that offer.


In the year since Glenn met with my team, I have seen a change in all but one of the employees.  Many times I hear them say something like, “Would Glenn approve of how you just spoke with that person?”  To that, I just smile and couldn’t be happier we brought him in to work with my team.  Furthermore, I have seen a handful of my employees strive to move up and take a more management/supervisory position, which I believe wouldn’t haven been possible without the skills brought to them by Glenn.


I am sure you can tell that Glenn’s workshops have helped guide my life both personally and in business.  One of my employees who started as my Executive Assistant is now successfully running a large medical practice and I believe this is partly because of her communication and team building skills learned and executed with Glenn.  I give Glenn and his workshops my highest recommendations and would be happy to discuss with you further if you have any questions. 



There has never been a single person who has had more of a positive impact on my husband and I’s marriage and happiness than Glenn. He is truly amazing at what he does and is such a good, caring person.


Last August, I met with a divorce attorney. The attorney handed me a piece of paper with Glenn’s name and number. He advised me to go to Glenn and come back in six months if needed. He said “Glenn is everyone’s last resort. I wish he was their first because there would be more people happily married. If he can’t help, then no one can.


Since the day we walked in the door, my husband and I’s lives have been transformed. It is nothing short of a miracle that I am happily married today. God put Glenn in our lives and I am forever grateful.


Glenn has been there for us in our sessions and in between sessions as needed. We had some deep seeded family issues as well as marriage issues. It has been a challenging year and with Glenn’s expertise, patience, and love; we made it through. He never gave up on my husband and I individually and with our marriage. He wants his clients to progress and “graduate” and he truly cares about each person. He puts his clients above money and success. He will be famous someday. He is an incredible person.


I highly recommend him for whatever you are going through. He changed our lives and he will change yours, too. You will live a life of peace and happiness that you never knew was possible. I thank God every day that Glenn is in our life and for all he has done for us.



My husband and I are grateful for Glenn's marital coaching.  I was hesitant to find a marriage counselor since I know even the most well intentioned therapist could leave us stuck discussing 'feelings' without much accountability and clear direction.  I didn't feel that we had time for that.  I was referred by a friend who a year and a half earlier was seeking a divorce lawyer, and this lawyer said "If Glenn couldn't help them, than no one could."  Now they are doing well, still married thanks to Glenn's work.  I thought their success was worthy of giving Glenn a chance.


Glenn has not coddled us rather he held us each completely accountable for all our behaviors, even the subtle ones that still hurt, and required us to play a pro-active role in safe, respectful, communication to heal and move forward in a more healthy relationship.


Glenn's coaching also helped my husband work through challenges in his work environment and gave him tools in creating his own happiness which was a struggle for him.  We have come a long way and have eternal thanks to Glenn for all his nuggets of wisdom, practical tools for working through the everyday woes of marriage. 



I cannot really find the words to accurately describe what an enormous influence Glenn's work has had on our marriage and on our lives.   We had tried individual counselors and two other marriage counselors.  I had resigned myself to having to break up our marriage of 20 years or to stick it out until the kids got to college, but I had really gave up all hope that improvement would be coming in our lives.


I was very lonely in my marriage and we had even separated for over nine months. Conflict was a daily struggle.  I was really at a breaking point and didn't know where else to turn but I knew I do not believe in divorce.  I found Glen on the internet and he immediately returned my call.  It was really the miracle we had been praying for and needed in our lives.


We began working with Glen each week and continued for well over a year.  Some weeks there would be small changes in perspective and understanding between us and other week’s giant leaps. He provided us with excellent materials that we could refer back to and guide us through the process.    When a student is ready a teacher will appear.  Glen was that teacher for us. We are both doing very well, and our marriage is thriving.  We continue to refer back to the materials he gave us but find implementing his communication techniques and following the concepts get easier with time.


I am so blessed and grateful we got to work with Glenn.  I wish him ever success and hopes his coaching continues to thrive.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us and our family.  I can never express my gratitude and appreciation enough.



Major breakthrough today in our session, thank you for your coaching. Thank you for guiding me toward a new place. For the first time in my life I am starting to not fear acceptance. I feel a lot lighter than I did yesterday. Today was hard, but so freeing! 


Thank you for hosting the workshop today.  I was pleasantly surprised how involved Matt really was in learning/understanding the process and we had a great discussion on the way home. I was very fearful that he would just 'sit through' the program this morning and laugh it off later and not want to participate. He had a different perception about how the meeting would go today and we were both a bit skeptical about counseling or at least finding the right counselor. However, we were very pleased at how laid back and progressive your program seems to be, not the out-dated lie-on-the-couch "tell me how you feel" ideology.


He was bringing up so many of your points in the car, I could just really tell that he was listening and taking your methods seriously. He even thanked me over lunch for caring enough about our relationship to sign us up to participate in counseling. It was one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever said to me! There was one acronym that really resonated with me and that was BOD- Benefit of a doubt. Of course I am aware of this principle, but I by no means practice this in any relationship/situation in my life. It is something that has been excluded that I now know I need to consider and bring back into my life. Thank you :)


We would really like to set up a private session with you to start learning and working to make our relationship better and better. Matt is very busy between work and school but this is a priority for us. We are free Tues and Wed lunch/evenings and all day Saturdays. Please let me know what works with your schedule and what the rate(s) for sessions would be.


Also, please keep us in the loop for workshops. I would like to bring a friend with me to the next workshop who is going through a divorce and looking for the right resources/counseling. I think you/your program is exactly what she has been searching for :) 



My boyfriend and I went to see Glenn several months ago when our relationship was having major problems.  I was hooked on changing virtually every aspect of our relationship and my boyfriend because so much needed changing. I went to Glenn because I wanted him to help my boyfriend "see the light".  I considered myself very much at the time very aware and "evolved"  and if only my boyfriend could catch up to my level (how arrogant), we would be perfect together.


Glenn, I believed was just the man to shake my boyfriend out of his denial, and self defeating habits.  Little did I know that it was I who needed to be shaken out of my denial and self defeating habits-- which is exactly what Glenn did.  He told me at the beginning that waiting on potential is a very dangerous thing... which is exactly what I had been doing... what I had always done in relationships.  I didn't want to hear this because I still wanted to believe  in his potential to become a better man/ boyfriend and I was hell bent on making "us" work.  But Glenn with his matter a fact yet gentle and non judgmental approach slowly mirrored to me what I was doing on my end in the relationship-- all that I was doing to sabotage my happiness now by waiting on an elusive potential.


Needless to say, it was Glenn that helped me to awaken to the deeper truth of what was going on which made it so much easier to remove myself from the toxic relationship with inner conviction and strength.  As a result I am so much happier and gone are the days that I feel the need to "love" another enough into some distant potential. Sometimes the best expression of love is to free yourself and the other from what clearly isn't meant to be. 


I found out about Glenn from a good friend who shared with me he and his wife’s experiences working through Glenn, and I felt it was a good fit for my wife and me. As it turned out, I learned more in our first session than I did in all other sessions with a marriage counselor, and I sensed my wife felt less threatened because he was offering help whether we decided to stay together or not. My wife wanted out, and so we ended our 13 year relationship and yet today, I can say we are civil toward one another and work well with childcare arrangements, and much of that is due to our working under the guidance of Glenn.


After the separation and divorce, I decided to keep seeing Glenn as a Personal Coach, and again, that was a great decision! I’ve learned more about myself (really deep self-analysis); I’ve learned communication skills that help me with the ex, with clients, colleagues, friends, significant others, and most importantly with myself (the subconscious). There’s a lot one can say to themselves that can trigger into elevated negativity. We all have memories or childhood wounds that affect how we view the present and when you combine that with a life situation that involves lots of pain, we can get triggered into negativity and a cycle of communication that can be so unhealthy. Glenn led me through this awareness, and provided me the required skills for healthy communication. These are techniques that work!  


He’ll challenge you to learn and it’s up to you to put the effort in, use his techniques and use him. He was available when I needed him the most, and that’s a real difference between him and other coaches or therapists. You don’t have to sit and twist your mind into a frenzy--you can call him, text him, email him, go see him, and he’ll lead you through the pain, across the bridge to a new path. When you are feeling good about yourself, about your direction and you use the tools necessary for meaningful communication, you reach an inner peace that is so rewarding and have the ability to create emotionally healthy relationships. That has been the icing on the cake, and I owe so much to Glenn.



Please accept this humble, simple letter as a thank you and letter of recommendation for your work with both of us -- but it is impossible to simplify the journey we have been on together for about 4 months that has led us to the seemingly impossible destination of "peaceful parenting partners"; my ex-husband and I now exist in that place.


When we met with you for the first time, it was a highly charged meeting with two very contentious people.  He had been encouraged by our prior therapist to track me via GPS and this had created tremendous stress and a lack of trust in what was left of our relationship.  I lacked any understanding of his personal war chest of emotional wounds, and felt he placed his parents ahead of me or our children in priority.


Your "lack of format" format was key in our transition, and I believe that it allowed access to you and your coaching in the most key moments.  Had those moments passed without your input and guidance then I am certain that things would have continued to escalate into a very long, costly and bitter divorce and custody battle.


I thank you, personally, for getting us through all of that somehow.  We now cooperate fully in working together for the best of our children.  We are very nearly done with our attorneys and who knows how much money you have save us! 


Best of all, our children have quickly moved through their own processes and we have learned, with your coaching, how to notice and interpret their emotional cues; better yet, we are working with them on developing their own skills at emotional intelligence.  They have settled into their new school and seem to be embracing their new lives and are fine (so far) with having two houses.  In my heart, I know it is because both of those houses are at peace.  Thanks to you.


I remain grateful and always will be! 



I enjoyed this reading about the trolls...so true and at it's base lies the very core of transcendence... toward new patterns of loving and being.


I am so sorry you will not be able to come to our wedding.  My heart wishes so much it could be so.  You have been such an instrumental medium for this all to even be possible. These wedding marks such a huge work, it does. and I see the progress every time now we are in conflict.


For, now, Glenn, there is no running away...and we are able to resolve conflict so much better...have you noticed I have not called you in a frantic for some time? That is because you planted huge seeds in us both and on an important level, we both knew this love and our individual growth meant too much than to not engage in the principles you delivered to us.


It is not the same in conflict resolution any longer.. and I intuit much of it also has to do with Alex letting go of all his past... Very recent times...but there is an indeed change I view and to me, it seems since that decision was made to move forward, the divorce and his tools he learned from you, a marked difference in his ability to approach conflict.  I am so grateful!!


Even one time, there was this conflict Glenn, and he and I almost burst out laughing....huge out of the ego response, huge...thanks so you.


I love you and if anything changes, please come. So many are coming that witnessed what you did and felt such a situation seemed so hopeless, but now see for themselves the transition. 


The power of love moves mountains in overcoming fear and ego defenses...it melts the heart and opens one to a journey they never may have imagined...to oneself and to the other...most importantly, to the God within.


I have witnessed in him, a remarkable change, and all of this with your coaching has enabled him to walk over the bridge with me...to the journey of love... I could and will write a book...someday.


Let us all three meet for coffee when this is over... you will witness yourself the changes and the evidence of your work...of which I support so...it has to be comforting...and loving at the same time...you succeeded here big time Glenn. I guess he was ready no matter what the appearance.



Corry and I are doing much better at communicating and it is working! I mentally refer back to your "glennism’s" and smile. Thank-you for sharing of yourself, and for keeping in touch. I also believe God puts people in our lives when we need them the most. You experienced the good and bad sides of me. We still carry your medallion - Gods' Peace.  



Glenn’s coaching has enabled me to change my life from hurting to happiness.

I also better understand my reactive behavior and I rarely feed the “gremlin” (judgmental attitude).



  • After a failed marriage and numerous failed relationships, at age 69, my hurt was evident in this question, “Will I ever have a bonding relationship with a woman?
  • The coaching revealed that I had essentially been dating my mother.  Mom was emotionally detached - an Ah-ha awareness took place.
  • I now have a relationship with an emotionally mature woman and I made sure of it before I dated her the first time!
  • I have re-established amicable relationships with relatives, friends and work associates.
  • I am better connected to customers.  Repeat business has increased due to referrals.


  • Sometimes I think about the cost of the coaching and vacillate about stopping to save the money.  Then an Ah-ha experience occurs through Glenn’s guidance.  The coaching brought about an awareness that has made me the happiest I have been in my life.  Money cannot buy happiness.
  • A life enhancing experience cannot be measured in dollars.  However, it can be acknowledged with gratitude.


We wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the coaching experience of Glenn Cohen.  For four months, we have been working with Glenn involving the personal dynamics of our relationship.  We are so grateful for Glenn's expertise in coaching, his compassion in working with us and his skills bringing us from a very difficult place to a place where our beautiful relationship can now grow and evolve.


Glen provided the working format where specific goals were designed. Through this process, he skillfully assisted us in creating new perspectives for change and aided us in replacing old fears and patterns with healthy perspectives and self discoveries for growth.  His technique aided us to understand the cycle of conflict, to move beyond fears from the wounded self, and assisted us to rise to a liberating and conscious awareness that allows true love and communication.  Today, we truly feel the tools and skills from the "I-TO-WE" coaching have allowed our relationship to become truly an emotionally intelligent one.


We are eternally grateful for Glenn and his successful and creative mastery of coaching.  We not only acquired the awareness of our true issues, but experience the joy, balance and happiness our relationship today now governed by admiration, trust and love, not fear.  Glenn assisted us in releasing fears, so our love could grow.  We came from experiencing barriers and blocks, to today, after our coaching with Glenn, we are planning our marriage.


In March of last year, my marriage was at the end of the line.  We had been married for seven years and we were done - thoroughly miserable and hating each other.  While the story is long and sad, the resulting conclusion is not. We were referred to Glenn by a colleague of his and had an appointment shortly thereafter.  Neither one of us wanted to go, but we did both feel obligated to explore every option possible before breaking up our family.


Our first appointment was rough.  We had to drag out all our dirty laundry to a complete stranger and let all the heartache hang out on the line.  I was fully expecting him to tell us to throw in the towel.  What I was not expecting was someone with Glenn’s unique combination of no BS mixed with compassion and insight telling us that there was plenty of hope left.  As the appointment went on, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was our guy.


We had gone to marital counseling before and it never really resonated with either one of us.  But the difference was that Glenn quickly became a trusted friend and confidante, physically and emotionally available as much as we needed.  He helped us; both individually and together, decipher what was at the root of our problems and how to move past them.  He helped keep our egos in check when we needed it and even helped us sort out arguments as they came up, rather than having to wait for a week to revisit it.  He listened and listened and listened and though empathetic, gave us frank and direct advice and his honest opinion as to what factors were at work.


He helped us understand each other by translating between the two of us when we couldn’t come up with our own words.  I cannot stress enough how the things I learned about myself as well as the human psyche have helped me, both in my marriage (8 years this January, thank you very much) as well as all relationships and even casual interactions with people.  I feel quite smart when I can advise someone by sharing the things I learned and it is so exciting to see the light bulb of understanding go off just like it did and still does with me.  I am able to do this because I had such a good teacher, who made certain that I understood and could put emotionally intelligent principles into action. 


Glenn will always have a special place in my heart and I know that he changed my life as well as my husbands.  We would not be married today (much more happily, of course) if it were not for him.  Quite simply, he’s the best and I am honored to know him.



When we first came to Glenn – to me it was the last thing I was going to try before giving up on our marriage.  After the first few weeks things seemed to be getting better.  Then my husband did something that pushed me out the door.


During our separation Glenn was always there for us and worked tirelessly with us individually.  After two months of intense coaching, we were able to recognize the real issues that were separating us and decided to get off the vicious cycle.  Now we are back together again and happier then ever.


Thank you Glenn for saving our marriage.  Our relationship continues to get better everyday.




Glenn I would like to thank you for the time that Rick and I have spent with you. We have been trying techniques for years--using some method or other to get over the hurdles that couples usually experience. With most of these, we do okay and find that most of the time it's the same issue, just a different set of circumstances. And naturally, I rediscover that the only person that I can work on and change would be my own individual self. I have spent many years contemplating this and when I share my challenges with Rick, I usually take on the responsibility for what and how I created this experience in my life. My inner processing leaves him "off the hook" and me "holding the bag" of what feelings that eventually become resentment or worse, emotional detachment.


After one session with you  we have spent many nights making "appointments" with one another so that we can be heard by the other without reactions or judgments in a safe place where the goal is not to figure out the answers, just to listen and be heard. This new approach makes the issues not about either of us. Nor are the issues in between us; they are clearly just things, separate from us and our relationship. We put them out there, in front of us for our viewing. It's interesting, I have never felt physically or emotionally closer to Rick than I do after spending this kind of time with one another. I like the experience of actually being heard and I've become a better listener to what my partner's thinking and feeling. We both feel safe to share.  Thank you for this most powerful and gentle method for effective, honest, and loving communication.



Glenn has done a workshop at our church in recent weeks and what people have told me is that not only is he practical, his material and techniques are extremely helpful. One person said "our relationship was transformed in one afternoon". Having been a therapist in the past, I personally like Glenn's work as it is a synthesis of the best of relationship theories, a few of which I practiced myself. And these were the theories and techniques most helpful to my clients.



As a newly wed couple, still enjoying our blissful new marriage...my wife and I weren't without our share of communication problems. We are both type A personalities, who were used to taking care of only ourselves.


While we couldn't pinpoint the root of our frustrations, we weren't afraid to look for some guidance. We are madly in love and we felt that maybe what we could use was some "preventative maintenance."


Interestingly enough, Glenn had dropped off his cards at my place of business several months earlier. After our initial consultation with Glenn, we KNEW that this was the guidance and support we were seeking! We believe in Glenn with all of our hearts...and if we could impart just one aspect of what Glenn has to offer, it is that he is as good at helping build fulfilling relationships as he is at revitalizing the ones that appear hopeless.


Once again Glenn, we thank you for providing us with the basic tools that WE needed to continue to grow as a couple.



My husband and I were ready to give up on our marriage when a friend recommended Glenn Cohen as a relationship coach.  The first time we meet with Glenn, we were both amazed how insightful he was.  During our first meeting, he quickly identified specific issues in our relationship and gave us a plan on how we could overcome these issues.


The thing I appreciated the most was his honesty and sincerity.  My husband and I left the first session with a feeling of hope that maybe our marriage could be saved.  We have been working on our relationship with Glenn for several months now and I can say that my relationship with my husband has improved tremendously.  Glenn is very committed to his clients and has a great passion for what he does.  I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone who needs help in their relationship.



Glenn helped me get through a difficult time by bringing insight into a problem I was unable to see properly. He did this by asking pertinent questions and having me answer them in writing. He also expressed his own observations, which helped immensely. In this way, I was able to see the blocks I was putting up. I am thankful to him and recommend his relationship and life coaching to anyone who wants to move forward in life.


I feel you are a godsend to, both, couples in trouble and individuals wanting to improve their potential in creating a relationship. My own marriage may possibly have been saved if we had worked with someone like you rather than a marriage counselor.



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