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I’ll start off by saying it has become a common phrase of mine to say “They need a Glenn in their life”.  

Glenn has been so instrumental in my personal growth and discovery and I am so grateful for his wisdom, compassion, and guidance. Glenn is more than just a life coach, he has become a friend, a trusted ally, a person I know I can always count on even if he is saying what I don't want to hear but what I need to hear. When you are seeking life coaching in whatever capacity, whether it be for relationship, personal growth, career, family, childhood, and so forth, it goes without saying you are seeking help from the right person. I do not live locally (we have Zoom sessions) but a friend referred me to Glenn when she knew that the marriage counseling we were getting at the time was no longer helpful or giving us the tools to grow and move us forward.

Glenn helped us both work on our relationship and ourselves individually, which in turn helped both. Glenn helped propel us forward from a place of what I thought was a place of no return. We are both so much stronger well-rounded people who are much more in tune with ourselves and each other. Whether we ultimately decide to stay together or not, we can do so now in a place of love, deep respect and appreciation of who we both are, instead of a place of blame, toxicity, and pain.

Glenn is there to listen and to help you talk through things, but he isn't going to just yes you. He will make you really look at yourself, deep down and hold yourself and others accountable, but without blaming or judgement. Instead he gives you insight and understanding of why we partake in certain behaviors and learning what is the root of it, while helping us to process meaning and redefining that meaning we assign to things. Once you have that understanding, you are empowered.

It is so critical to get the right counselor when you are dealing with such important work on yourself or your relationships, all of which is life altering. With our first counselor (and being in therapy for the first time in my life) I felt we were being taken advantage of with our vulnerable situation and sessions just dragged out with a huge financial impact, without much to show for it other than regurgitating pain over and over.

Any session with Glenn will have work that is going to be raw and bring to light pain that you may want to coast over, which is imperative to uncover honesty and bring conscious awareness. With Glenn it is the opposite of being taken advantage of, he will never turn you away any time you need to talk if he is able, but he also gives you the tools to be able to lean on yourself too.

I knew off the bat from my friends’ reference, reading the other testimonials and then getting Glenn’s very communicate background information and homework he assigned for us to fill out answering multiple forms of question on ourselves first thing, that there was a world of a difference and something truly special. Glenn took that paperwork and he would read on his own time to jumpstart the process and cover what would take months to come out so that he could help us faster.

If you are there to show up and be present and willing to do the work, you will expand yourself exponentially. Glenn is also patient with you and understands the emotional process and most important shares all the learning and knowledge he can with you so that you understand it on your own.

I wish we could clone Glenn, and I know that as painful as the reasons are why we found ourselves seeking Glenn initially, what we have gotten out of it will be with us for life and a continual journey of blossoming into our truest most loving selves, so that we learn to take care of ourselves first so that we can then take care and love others.

Thank you, Glenn, from the bottom of my heart.


When I first started with Glenn, I was what you call a “hot mess”. I was anxious, sometimes short tempered, and always thinking what if. I never focused on the present.

What amazed me throughout this process is how much bad energy I was able to release meeting with him. He has changed how I view life situations and has provide me a different approach on what life brings to me. I know how to focus on the present and how to handle the good the bad and the ugly.

I communicate better, my relationships are better, and I just feel better about myself. He has made me realize you have to release the resentment in the past and you have to be happy with yourself. He has changed my life and helped me be the person I am supposed to be.

I am very grateful. 


Glenn uses techniques that are different from the traditional talk therapy found in most psychology or coaching offices. The frameworks that he uses help each individual tap into their subconscious and personal narrative and effectively re-wire their thought patterns into more functional ones. This allows the client to work through experiences that have affected them and hindered them from being their strongest self. His approach is a process of self-actualization and it really works. I have been amazed at the inner strength I have developed. I accomplish more every day now because I am emotionally connected with my goals. Working with Glenn has changed my life. 


I came to Glenn at a time that I felt overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. It's not the first time I got "stuck" in an anxiety/depressive mindset. We worked through a lot of pent up energy from my past, something I didn't even know existed, among lots of other exercises. Letting go, forgiveness, recognizing my patterns, etc. are all part of my healing process. I learned so much from Glenn, and continue to use the new skill set for my calm, focused, and most important to me, happy mind. 

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn from the late summer of '17 until early winter '18. My original intent in working with Glenn was to increase my confidence after transitioning to South Carolina and finding myself in a world of uncertainty and doubt.  


What I found by working with Glenn was that, and much more! Glenn has tremendous ability to challenge your thinking, question for deeper meaning and push you beyond your comfort zone from an area of care and compassion. His coaching style was just what I needed; direct & unwavering.


With this coaching style I was able to see results immediately. Not just within my confidence, but also with my patience, understanding, compassion, listening skills and happiness. With the techniques and strategies Glenn equipped me along with tools I can use in the future when I need to re-establish my grounding.


If you're looking for an outstanding coach that will focus on your results, look no further than Glenn Cohen!


I was in a pretty low place when I first met Glenn. I cried during our introductory session before I had even officially hired him.

A life change had thrown me into a cycle of constant negativity, anxiety and worry. I lost myself and my zest for life that I once had, and I had no idea how to get it back. Working with Glenn I learned about myself and started to understand what happened and why I was feeling the way I was. He taught me the tools to help me help myself. Making the effort to implement these in my daily life was a huge factor in my transformation.

I'm extremely pleased to say, that, thanks to Glenn, I broke the cycle of negativity and became a happy, grateful person that is excited about the future instead of anxious about it. THANK YOU GLENN! 


I engaged Glenn to help guide me through a life decision that will probably remain the single most transformational decision I make in my life. I entered trying to find answers of; am I still in love, what’s changed and why, why am I so unhappy, why am I carrying so much guilt and reservations to ultimately determine if I could make a re-connection or chart a separate path within my marriage. Living as roommates and focusing all energy on raising our children along with my climb of the corporate ladder; I knew I couldn’t allow the disconnection to remain. Glenn facilitated conversation, offered questions and through a process of education and exploration he LEAD me to discover the answers to those questions for myself. On this journey, we reached into my past, explored other relationships that were influencers. But most importantly, Glenn taught me how to focus beyond the external pressures and influences and find what spiritually and emotionally drove me as a person; I connected and looked inward for answers. Glenn listens, asks the challenging questions and offers his advice and expertise that also has had a positive impact on how I ‘show up’ in other parts of my life.


I’m forever grateful for his time and investment in me. For his empathy and understanding for the low points and celebrating the highs. For the new opportunity to learn through proven concepts, powerful exercises, recommended authors and homework but mainly for his support that uncovered the strength and courage to make the right decision for me.


My best compliment recently was from someone I hadn’t seen in months who said immediately, you’re absolutely glowing, what’s changed?! Yes, she could sense the energy of my new beginning as I launch out as a single woman who’s standing taller and more confident, whose children deep down inside know their mom is happier and someday will understand this decision was for them too, who leans into having tough conversations, who will foster deeper more genuine relationships, who is vulnerable and okay with imperfection and who will learn to feel love again. 


My experience working with Glenn has changed my life. He gets to the root of the issues and actually uses practical techniques to change the way you think and feel, rather than just listening to you talk and offering advice. The positive changes in my spiritual and emotional well-being from the time I started working with him have been drastic. I can't thank him enough. I would highly recommend Glenn. 


''Don't lie to me, I am your coach, why would you lie to your coach?''.  Glenn Cohen changed my life and the way I view myself in my life. 


My girlfriend and I had a son in February and it was a very traumatic experience, such to an extent that I shut down and pushed them away.  We would fight every day and I would do the bear minimum to help with my son or be a part of my family, I just wanted to be left alone and not bothered. 


My girlfriend left me, took him and I thought I didn't care till I went and saw Glenn with them and realized I missed them and that everything I had done up until that point was not who I was.  I went into seeing Glenn as I had everything to that point since my son’s birth, I didn't care and just wanted to get it over with because I believed nothing was wrong with me.


After my first solo session with Glenn my world was opened and I was like holy shit, this guy is gonna break me down to the very bottom and he did.  Glenn took me to my bottom and helped me climb all the way back up and create a new view of the world and taught me how to love myself.


Seeing Glenn was the greatest decision I have made because I am who I believe I need to be in my family as a father and a boyfriend.  Glenn taught me that you’re going to get knocked down and that it is how you get back up which will help you learn.


Greatest Coach ever.  Thank you, Glenn, for everything you have done for me and my family, I know that in the future if I ever need to see or talk to anyone Glenn Cohen will be the only person I call.



I had bad experiences with psychologists/psychiatrists as a young adult and went to several counselors before I found Glenn, so I was hesitant to see anyone! When I went to Glenn I was going through the toughest time of my life. There were definitely moments that I wasn't sure how I was going to move forward, but those were moments when Glenn was there for me the most.

No matter the time of day or if it was a Saturday or Sunday, he was always just a phone call away. I can honestly say that I am the confident, positive and extremely happy person I am today because of the work I did with Glenn. And yes, you do have to DO the work.

There is no button to push to make it better but Glenn will provide you will all of the tools and the guidance to truly become the best version of yourself IF you put the work into it. If you're looking for an easy way out, you shouldn't see Glenn. He's tough on you when you really need to be pushed but VERY compassionate when you're at your weakest.

If you truly want to make changes in your life for any reason (be it career, relationship or personal development), RUN don't walk to Glenn's office. He is the best investment you could ever make for yourself and your life. I can honestly say that I have a true, lifelong friend in Glenn now.  


“We had a great experience working with Glenn. I guess you could say we shopped around for a counselor before we decided to go with him. One day just talking to my now wife. I told her, "I look at it like this, these other counselor's we have seen they are not going to do the job as good as Glenn." "We are fixer upper and the other counselors are just going to paint the walls and put new everything in it to make it look good to the eye." "We need to blow out some walls, new plumbing, and some foundation work." "Glenn will do all that for us." 

After telling my wife that she was on board. We spent a few months with Glenn, after completing the coaching we learned how we need to express our feelings and how to talk through things. He really digs down to the roots to find out where all it comes from and then gives you the tools to help you, even after you are done. I would recommend Glenn to anyone that needs a little fixing up on their relationship.”


Our 22 year old was going through a difficult time coping with a number of life challenges including relationship issues, making a solid career choice along with the ever present social pressures that all of our children face today. As parents, we had done all that we could and more including various therapists and life coaches which was unsuccessful until we finally found Glenn Cohen. Glenn was able to communicate and relate to our son in a way others could not. Together they were able to dig deep into understanding the issues and more importantly find positive solutions with a road map forward. Although challenging at times Glenn was honest and tough but we are happy to say that together they achieved great success. We cannot begin to express our sincere thanks to Glenn for guiding us through these trying times with one of the most important people in our lives, our son. Today, our son is focused and positive about what his future holds which we are very grateful for.  


Glenn helped me work through some serious childhood trauma that has impacted me negatively through my entire life. The process was emotional and had an immediate positive impact. Over time his in office coaching and the work I was expected to do on my own enabled me to free myself from the cycle of abuse and neglect that I repeatedly subjected myself to. If you are ready to get to the root of the issues at hand and do some serious, life changing work I highly recommend you contact Glenn for a mutual interview.


A relationship doesn't need 'saving' to benefit from Glenn Cohen. Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves and their significant other, and to grow together as a couple should invest some time with Glenn. My wife and I have never felt closer. 


Glenn exceeded my expectations as a coach. He is an incredibly supportive and compassionate coach. He understands what is needed before I do. He makes sessions fun by being playful and authentic. In a short amount of time his sessions have profoundly impacted my personal and professional life as well as my relationship with my beloved. It's amazing how much difference gentle guidance can make.  

Working with Glenn has truly changed me and my life and how I see myself and the people in my life. Working with Glenn was different from any other "therapist" I'd been to. He helped me get real, and didn't feed into my story, and because of that I've changed and grown as a person. Glenn helped me get in touch with what I really felt, and what I needed in my life to be TRULY happy. My communication with my significant other, and my employees has gotten much better. There are so many positive things to say I could go on all day. But mainly, if you are ready to get real, be open to learning new techniques, and live your life to the fullest, Glen can help get you there! I highly recommend him. 


Glenn helped guide me through the most difficult time of my life. With his help, my husband and I successfully navigated the muddy waters of a difficult divorce, and have managed to keep our relationship positive for our children. His approach is amazing. Trust him to lead you through the process and you will be a better person. His positive and supportive energy is contagious. He has helped me grow into a much more emotionally intelligent woman. He will challenge you to think differently, to be flexible, and be there to support you when you need to someone to listen.  


"My boyfriend of 10 years and I have been seeing Glenn Cohen for 5 months. Our relationship has grown and improved every week after meeting with Glenn. We have learned terminology to better communicate what we feel and how to express the magnitude of those feelings.


I am proud to say that after 5 long months of Glenn's guidance, we were able to calm ourselves using the CDT Technique in the middle of a disagreement and we were able to share our true thoughts, intentions, and feelings as friends and partners, not as enemies. Glenn coaches you through arguments, is always there to listen, recommends great books, and teaches you techniques to understand and appreciate your partner as a unique individual, not what you think they should be.


My relationship was saved by Glenn Cohen and I would highly recommend him to anyone in my life seeking understanding of themselves, their partner, or their relationship."  



I am writing this letter share with you how much the workshop "Shift Happens" has changed my life.  I don't believe in chance meetings and my attending your workshop was truly a Divine Appointment.  I have been on a journey of self-exploration and growth for the past 12 years.  After my divorce I decided to try and figure out what went wrong in my marriage and what role I played in my divorce.  Over the years I have been to counseling, read books, listened to motivational speakers, taken classes, searched scripture, attended church, talked to people, watched movies, searched the web, and any other form of gaining information on men, women, and relationships you can think of.  I have analyzed my life, family, friends, intimate relationships, and partners.  Needless to say I had a lot of fragmented information floating around my head.  I was able to gain understanding in some areas but have never been able to "connect ALL the dots". 


From the moment you began to speak I was able to relate the information with the seemingly random events of my life. Suddenly everything made perfect sense and  I finally got answer to the "Whys" in my life.   It was such an emotionally freeing experience that I fought back tears all night.  However, during the open discussion I was unable to maintain my composure and the flood gates opened.  For the first time in my life I am free from my past hurts and fears. I am finally ready to walk into my future as I am clear on my purpose.


There are not enough words to accurately express how I feel and If I said thank you a million times it wouldn't be enough.  The work you have done is truly remarkable and it has changed me forever. I will tell everyone I know about you and your work.  May God continue to bless you and what you do. 



My fiancé and I are very pleased with Glenn’s premarital coaching services and believe we have built a solid foundation for our upcoming marriage!  We found I & WE Coaching through several searches online and are very happy we decided to give it a chance. We were looking for a premarital program that would help to prepare us for our lives together and Glenn provided us with several useful communication tactics to practice outside of coaching.  He worked with us over several weeks to craft various communication techniques and apply these to real life situations.


Glen also helped us to understand how our past experiences and relationships played into our present lives and how to let them go!  Lastly, Glenn really helped us find where in our relationship there was room for improvement and the details involved.  We were given several useful materials to review during our time with Glenn and to keep for the future.  All in all we are so glad that we and would recommend him to any couple that is about to get married, and those whom have been married for a while and are looking to become an even stronger couple!



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