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It all started with a peanut butter sandwich. The one a preteen boy smashed in the reflection of his face during a moment of intense inner struggle and pain.

The decades that followed included personal sacrifices, career choices and relationship decisions that led to some difficult and dark times—times when I wasn’t SHOWING UP for myself, my son, my partner, my family nor my business.

Before becoming a coach, published author and speaker, I lived through many painful experiences and endeavors—ones that molded me into a intuitive and insightful coach who can truly relate to others’ stories of, heartache, challenges and traumas

Then one day I woke up from an unconscious life. And everything started to change.   

Glenn  knows what it’s like to feel lost, stuck, humiliated and confused. It is from periods of pain and shame that I developed an intense spiritual passion for learning and growing. After many years of inner struggle, I made a conscious choice to GROW UP and engage in a life-long intense research process to learn all that I can for why we make the decisions we make and the secrets to true, lasting relationships success.

I am grateful to have discovered my own authenticity and the feelings of inner peace and freedom that come when you surrender.  

Throughout my journey of awareness, I continue to work diligently and daily to:

  • Cultivate even better understandings for how to transform our self-limiting, dis-empowered beliefs and habits of thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

  • Mindfully listen to the signals from our body so we learn how to evaluate our perceptions in order to make sense of things in a way so we respond instead of react to people, places and things

  • Live in the present moment, non-judgmentally so we manifest an amazing life where we experience a peaceful and positive flow in all of our relationships at home, work and most importantly, with ourselves.  

It was during my own transformation that I realized my calling to serve others.

Today, I am honored and humbled to be fulfilling my life’s mission to assist individuals, couples and executives to achieve peace, purpose and passion. No matter where you’ve been, what you’re doing or where you’re going, my goal is the same: to help you live an authentic life, with a peaceful soul and create empowered loving relationships that are healthy, happy and harmonious.

I look forward to hearing your story. And I can’t wait to help you Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up to transform your life and relationships!

Glenn S. Cohen

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