Life is 10% what happens to you. The rest is how you react to it.

It’s never too late to change the direction of your life.  It’s your choice. Will you defend and blame or own and change?

Glenn’s no-nonsense, direct, proactive coaching approach will guide you on a journey of exploration to transform confusion into clarity. He is dedicated to do whatever it takes to help you successfully navigate obstacles you’re going through—be it a past or present intimate relationship challenge, a life adjustment or other difficult transitions.

Glenn will assist you to adopt new self-empowered beliefs—ones that will lead you to make authentic decisions that are right for your personal, professional and relationship goals, dreams and aspirations.

If Glenn can’t help, then no one can. You will live a life of peace and happiness you never knew was possible.—Emily S.

Get ready for the emotional and mental workout of your life.

This isn’t traditional therapy or counseling, but rather a process of true transformation—an action plan for getting unstuck as quickly as possible and turning shame and fear into vulnerability, courage and action.

You may feel very uncomfortable at times. You might even squirm. When you lean in and push through the resistance, you’ll allow yourself to finally let go and grow—all so you can emerge self-empowered to live in the present moment instead of being shackled by your stories of the past or the future.

Get going with Glenn.

Are you tired of passive counseling or simply ready to stop going in circles?  Whether you’re going through a challenging personal transition, experiencing difficulties in your love life, looking for a way to heal past relationship trauma or seeking to improve your professional life, Glenn will customize an individualized plan for your goals and needs.

With a personalized strategy and strong doses of accountability, Glenn will coach you to gain new awareness, change old beliefs and habits and make decisions that open the floodgates of health, happiness and harmony—both in your relationships with others and within yourself.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free initial interview session so you can ask any questions and decide if Glenn’s unique approach is the right fit for you.


No charge. Zero obligations. If you decide to make this important step and move forward, Glenn will create a customized plan to begin our journey together to achieve your goals.