Charleston Premartial Counseling

Make the investment in yourself and your relationship
to give you the greatest chance for success


We guide Pre-Marital / Dating  couples to explore compatibility & engaged couples  on a journey to achieve a deeper understanding about themselves, each other and their relationship.  This creates a solid foundation to either enthusiastically agree to move forward together or let go and be better prepared when the next relationship opportunity presents itself.

  • A comprehensive program to build a solid foundation for the relationship home
  • Helping couples understand that marriage is work and being realistic that the challenges they will face are opportunities to learn and grow together
  • Understand Imago, the potential for future conflict and how to manage this dynamic
  • Work together to craft a joint vision for their future together – children, religion, finances and responsibilities 
  • Learn the five critical skill sets such as of communication, connection, changing reactive habits and speaking each other’s Language of Needs
  • Pre-marital coaching is a wonderful wedding gift to give to the ones your love to give them the greatest chance of success in their marriage